In addition to turning in the yearly health forms required by the State, we ask that you closely monitor your child for any illness in the week prior to camp. We strongly suggest that campers receive a PCR or other NAAT (molecular) COVID19 test the week before camp. Berea will be administering a quickturnaround, shallownasal, molecular COVID test to all campers at arrival, so testing beforehand is the best way to ensure that your camper can remain at camp and won’t have to be turned away at checkin. Limiting your social circle and participating in low-risk activities in the week prior to camp is also encouraged.


For this summer only, all campers need the Summer Camp 2021 COVID Form filled out on their camper account at (This form was made live on 6/11/21, so all campers previously registered will need to log in to fill this brief form out.)

If you still owe any of the annually required health forms, you will receive a weekly reminder email from 

Your camper is exempt from the check-in COVID test if you email with:

  • Proof of full vaccination (2 weeks after Johnson & Johnson (J&J) or 2 weeks after Pfizer or Moderna 2nd shot) 
  • Proof of positive COVID infection within 90 days of your camper’s session start date 

Details about how to navigate your online Berea account for health forms can be found here.



During Summer Camp, Berea uses a cashless bank system called FunFangle. This eliminates the need for campers to carry money on them as they will access their virtual funds at the Snack Shop, Berea Outfitters, activities, etc. simply by giving their name and scanning their FunFangle wristbands. Details about how to set up and use your FunFangle account can be found here: FunFangle FAQs.

Access your FunFangle camper bank account


Check out the packing list in the Summer Camp Info Packet!

View the Summer Camp Info Packet


Add some fun to your camper’s week away by sending them a care package! Select from multiple, customizable Berea care packages at, create your own package with the items from the online store, or send your own package from home (drop off at check-in or mail to us). If mailing your own package, please limit the package to the size of a shoe box and address the package as follows:


Camper Name

c/o Camp Berea

68 Berea Rd

Hebron NH 03241


Want to send your camper a note throughout the week? Type your message, which will be printed first thing in the morning and delivered to your camper around lunchtime.

Select a Berea Care Package



Drive-Thru Drop Off

This summer will utilize a drive-thru check-in experience with rolling arrival times throughout Sunday afternoon. As your child’s session approaches, we will communicate your child’s specific checkin window. If you have a request, please communicate that to the Berea Office well in advance of your child’s camp week.

Our 3-step drop-off process will all take place in the comfort of your car. Access to the camp or cabins is limited to registered campers, guests, and staff and volunteers. Parents, guardians, family, and friends who are not attending camp for that week will remain in their vehicles at all times. We are adding training for our staff to assist campers in transitioning well into camp and in setting up their bunk areas.


You will be greeted as you pull up the driveway to camp and directed into the Health Center / Testing vehicle line. This first step will be overseen by our Health Center Director with the support of trained staff and medical professionals.

Our team will ensure all Health Forms are completed and will collect any medications for your camper(s).

While remaining in their vehicle, each camper will receive a shallownasal, molecular test. As a licensed NH Youth Camp, we are required to report all testing results to the State of NH. Campers cannot be dropped off at camp until this test is returned negative. Results take about 30 minutes.

Once the test is administered your vehicle will advance to step 2, the Pre-Drop Off Zone to await the results.

Step 2: Pre-Drop Off Zone

Once you have completed Step 1 your vehicle will be directed to the Pre-Drop Off Zone until the results of your camper’s test are confirmed by our medical team. We will have a system in place to process the test results and communicate them to you in the order of your vehicle’s arrival so it is important that each vehicle stays in the queue and follows the guidance of our staff team. We are planning some fun surprises and classic Berea creative programming for you to enjoy in your vehicle while you await your results.


Campers that receive negative results will be advanced to the drop-off zone where our staff will greet your camper and connect them to their cabin leader. Luggage tags will have been provided to you to tag your child’s luggage for the week. Our staff will assist your child in removing the luggage from your vehicle and transporting it to their cabin. We are expecting near- or at-capacity camps. With over two hundred campers checking in each week, please plan to say goodbye to your camper while remaining inside your vehicle.

In the case that your camper or any camper carpooling in their vehicle tests positive for COVID-19, all persons in that vehicle will not be admitted to camp for the week. The only exception is if a camper in the carpooling vehicle tests positive but a second camper has provided proof of full vaccination (2 weeks after J&J or 2 weeks after Pfizer or Moderna 2nd shot) or proof of positive COVID infection within 90 days of their session start date, then the second camper may be admitted to camp if they are symptom-free. 


Access to restrooms on-site will be very limited through the arrival process. We strongly encourage you to stop for a final restroom break prior to arriving at Berea.  We will accommodate those who need to use the restroom but access will be managed with a “hall-pass” system that may delay the speed of your process.



Drive-Thru Pick Up

Pick up on Saturday will also utilize a drive-thru experience. You will pick up your camper on Saturday morning at breakfast time. Specific details will be emailed to you as pickup day approaches. When you arrive, our greeters will direct your vehicle to the Dining Hall, where you will be reunited with your camper and will have a chance to say hello to their cabin leader.

Once your camper is in the car, you will be guided through camp so your camper can show you their cabin, the waterfront, and their other favorite places from the week. For the health and safety of all involved, you must remain in your vehicle at all times. This will also ensure a smooth flow so all families can get out of camp in a timely manner.

At the end of your driving tour through camp, our staff will bring your camper’s luggage right to your car so you can be on your way!

Closing Rally

Every Saturday evening, Berea will host a virtual Closing Rally where all families can hear about their camper’s week and see photos and videos from the session. You will receive an email with the link to the event.


Access to restrooms on-site will be very limited through the pickup process. We strongly encourage you to stop for a final restroom break prior to arriving at Berea.  We will accommodate those who need to use the restroom but access will be managed with a “hall-pass” system that may delay the speed of your process.

Berea respects the rights and dignity of every camper.

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