Everything about Deep Freeze - from the main sessions and small group times to the outrageous fun and abundant free-time options - is carefully crafted to be a catalyst for you and your ministry. Deep Freeze is an environment designed by New England youth leaders for New England churches.

And it keeps getting better! We continue to prayerfully and intentionally refine the experience to maximize the impact. We cover the details so you can do what you do best: invest in the lives of students.

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build relationships.
share experiences.
see lives changed.

New for 2020:

– Expanded and enhanced Escape Rooms
– Redesigned Next Steps resources
– Earlier Saturday Night Session with Late-Night Activities
– Select “From New England” weekends—featuring local voices
– Deep Freeze Dive polar plunge experience

There’s an illuminating story about two siblings told by Jesus. The younger squandered his father’s fortune. He traveled far, lived recklessly, and lost everything. Hopeless and hungry, he headed home. Before he could even speak his embarrassment, his father saw him in the distance and ran towards him. The father’s embrace covered the son’s deep shame with boundless grace. A party was declared.

Hearing the celebration, the older brother was furious. Unlike his rebellious sibling, he’d always tried to do the right thing. Sulking outside, he refused to join the party. Again in grace, the father reminded his older son of his unyielding love. He challenged him to drop the comparison and come to the table.

No matter your past or present reality, despite your rebellion or rule-keeping, there is a place you were made to belong. God is pursuing you, inviting outsiders to come inside. To every daughter and son he is faithfully declaring, “Welcome home.”

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2021 Dates & Details

Select “From New England” weekends feature voices from the region.

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