Berea’s Guardians are a special group of people who have prayerfully considered the impact of the mission and ministry of Berea. They are faithful monthly givers who have seen the stewardship value of Berea Ministries. At the core, this team protects the mission and the ministry of Berea. This extraordinary group of people helps achieve the mission in so many tangible ways it is hard to list them all. They truly are one of the bedrocks of Berea that help protect and project the ministry into the future.

Some may ask, how do monthly partners, Guardians, help achieve the mission? Faithful systematic giving allows Berea to plan purposefully and intentionally for the future. Instead of sacrificing the future on the altar of the immediate, Guardians help the leadership looking past the short-term and engage in long term strategic planning. Many non-profits have no way of keeping a steady pace towards the mission because their funding is so sporadic. By God’s grace, our Guardians help Berea plan for the long-term to strategically live out His call on our lives.

For more information on how to become a Guardian, email