Partner Letter: October 3, 2016

Partner Letter: October 3, 2016

Dear Partner,

Thank you for partnering with us for life transformation!

“We were a little side tracked with the kids, check-in, and the climax of my camper’s week long protest of, ‘I can’t believe you’re making me do this. I hate you. I know no one there. You’re taking me out of my comfort zone and I’m going to make you pay.’ We were trying to avoid a meltdown. All that being said, by 4 pm he was happy and at 4:30, from the top of the hill, I spotted him giving his brother a hug. All of my kids were together which made my mom heart explode and I literally started crying. They have been on a two and a half year ‘I hate you’ marathon. I hope that God will work in all of their lives and in their hearts. During their week of camp, one of my campers accepted Christ and now wants to join a small group and the other was able to identify some ‘weeds’ in his life he needs to remove. I love seeing them leave hungry! Thank you for everything you do!” – Mom

Through your ministry, others encounter Christ and take the next step!

“I wanted to let you know that my son very proudly finished his 30 days of devos that you gave him this summer and then asked what is next! We are going out today to buy a student bible! Thank you for your encouragement to him!” –Dad

This is what your partnership enables – changed lives!


Our Women’s Retreat weekends just finished with over 500 participants! Women were encouraged, challenged, and some started their walk with the Lord.

Now we are moving into the fall and the project list is big – we need help!

We need to raise $150,000 by the end of 2016!
There are many items on the list that must be completed before the snow falls! Here are a few projects that we are looking to accomplish with your help. In the middle of the summer, the septic system for Emerald and Sapphire failed! We need to put in a new septic tank and pipes before the ground freezes. The roof on the Welcome Center is completely shot which also needs to be repaired before winter to prevent further damage to the building. There are heating issues going into the Deep Freeze season that need to be resolved.

In addition, you may remember that during the first half of the year, we were painting and fixing up the bathrooms which needed some significate TLC.

You got us half way!

Let’s finish up the rest of the cabins on the bottom of the hill! These cabins need attention. We are talking sinks, lights, etc. The list goes on.

It’s a lot of work but we love what we do and pray that God will work as another season of ministry is upon us!

Whether exposing people to the Truth for the first time or helping believers take the next step in their journey, we exist to help people encounter Christ.

Your partnership advances the mission!
The ministry of Berea reaches beyond the campers – to the staff as well.

“I wanted to take some time and thank you for making my summer at Berea truly transformational. Not only was I pushed and challenged physically as I worked, but I experienced tremendous spiritual growth as I traversed the summer, specifically as God moved in my prayer life. As challenges rose I felt His call to prayer and saw incredible answers on a shockingly consistent basis. Another way that God worked in me at Berea was He pushed me into a state of dependency on Him in a way I have never felt before. Thank you all for making my experience unforgettable. I do hope God calls me back to ministry at Berea, but if in His infinite wisdom He does not, thank you for your powerful ministry to campers and to me.” – Summer Staff Member

Thank you for partnering with us for life transformation!
Only by Grace,





Nate Parks
Executive Director

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