Leadership & Discipleship Training

Leadership & Discipleship Training

Interactive Coaching Groups

Interactive Coaching Groups

Record Online & Receive Feedback

Record Online & Receive Feedback



The Simply Worship: Student Program is an online leadership and skills development course for 13- to 18-year-old worship musicians and vocalists.

This 4-week program provides leadership training, small group conversation, and an interactive recording group coached by experienced worship leaders from around New England. You will have direct access to and instruction from many of the instructors and leaders who consistently participate in the Simply Worship conference. Each 90-minute session provides intentional discipleship, spiritual mentorship, hands-on ministry training, and coaching.


Program Overview

The Simply Worship: Student Program is a 4-week, online program. The weekly meetings will consist of group training about the heart of worship leading as well as small group time for recording into a collaborative online platform under the guidance of an experienced coach. These 90-minute sessions, combined with weekly assignments, will allow students to connect with peers around New England who share their passion while developing their gifts to be better servants of Christ.


Students ranging from 13 to 18 years old who are active followers of Jesus and who are engaged in leading worship at their local church in New England. Vocalists, keyboardists, guitarists, bassists, and drummers are invited.


The 90-minute, weekly Zoom meetings will take place Sundays at 8:00 PM starting on November 15 and ending on December 6. Participants will also need to complete weekly assignments for each meeting.


You will need to apply for the program, provide 3 references, and submit a 1-2 minute video of you playing or singing.

Equipment Needed:

  • A computer with a good Internet connection and up to date browser.
  • Free Zoom account.
  • You will be provided a account which is a web-based collaborative recording suite.
  • A way to record audio. This does not need to be a full studio set up. For example, you can use a smartphone.
    • Vocalists: a way to record your voice and upload to a browser
    • Instrumentalist: a way to connect your instrument and upload it to a browser.
    • Drummers: a way to record your drums and upload them to a browser. The best option is to see if you can use the kit at your church and record that way. A simple mic room recording is also acceptable.


Overview of each week’s program:


Each week one of our coaches will share a short talk.

Learn from experienced worship leaders.

Leadership and discipleship focus.

Rooted in Scripture and the heart of what worship is all about.


Small-Group Discussion.

Respond to the weekly challenge.

Guided by your coach.

Engage with peers around New England in a safe and nurturing space.


Review and Record Collaboratively.

Each group will have a project to engage using the SoundTrap platform.

You will learn about song structure, parts, and dynamics.

Record yourself and receive encouragement and feedback from your coaches.

COST (per person)

An application must be received by November 8.


Total for the 4-week Session:

November 15, 22, 29, December 6

Each week is from 8-9:30 PM on Sunday nights.