When are the arrival and departure times for each week of Summer Camp?

Arrival Day: All camp sessions begin on Sunday afternoons. Specific details about your camper’s check-in time will be emailed to you before your camper’s session. In order to expedite the check-in process, please be sure to submit all health forms, make payments, and deposit funds to the camper bank (FunFangle) prior to your arrival.

Departure Day: Pickup is around breakfast time on Saturday morning. Specific details will be emailed to you as your camper’s session approaches.

What medical paperwork is required for my student to attend a camp session?

For our summer programs, there are several pieces of health information that we must have by mandate of the State of New Hampshire. These include:

  1. Physical Exam: The physical must have taken place within 24 months of the day your child will arrive here at camp. The physical must include the doctor’s signature.
    • Immunizations: If the physical you submit does NOT include a copy of your camper’s immunizations, you will need to upload a record of their latest immunizations separately. If your camper does not have immunizations (due to religious beliefs or medical requirements), you will need to fill out and upload a notarized copy of the “Immunizations Waiver” that can be found under the Summer Camp tab at
  2. Health Insurance: Berea needs a copy of the front AND back of the camper’s insurance card (even if the back is blank). If you don’t have insurance or if your company doesn’t issue health insurance cards, you will need to fill out the “Health Insurance Waiver” found under the Forms section at
  3. Online Health Form: This form is different than a physical and must be submitted every year that your child attends camp. You can find this form on your online Berea account (

All of this information is outlined, in detail, in our Summer Camp Info Packet.

What should my camper pack for their week of camp?

We have a suggested packing list available in our Summer Camp Info Packet.

My child has food allergies. Can your food service staff accommodate them?

We do our best to accommodate campers with dietary restrictions. Our food service staff would be more than happy to speak with you about your camper’s needs, whether that’s alternative meals or storage space for food sent with the camper. To contact the food service staff, call the Berea office at (603) 744-6344 and ask to be transferred to the kitchen.

Please note that our kitchen and snack shops are nut-free (with the exception of coconut).

What if my child takes prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, or vitamins?

A licensed nurse is on site at all times during our Summer Camp sessions to dispense medications. In addition, our full-time staff have CPR, AED, and Wilderness First Aid certifications.

If your child is taking any medication (prescription, over-the-counter, or vitamin) at the time camp begins, please have it ready to turn in at the Health Center check-in station along with clearly written instructions for the nurse. All medication (including over-the-counter) MUST come in its original container and have your child’s name on it. No medication is allowed to be kept by the camper or cabin leader in the cabin. Per state law, Berea cannot dispense medications to your camper that they have not already taken previous to camp. No meds in weekly pill containers will be accepted.

What does a typical day of camp look like?

How can I communicate with my camper while they're at Berea?

There are several ways to stay in touch with your camper while he/she is at camp:

  1. Choose a Berea care package for you camper and send a note with it! These care packages are available at They can also be purchased at check-in.
  2. Prepare packages and letters for your camper before the camp session and drop them off on check-in day. On the package/letter, write the day that you would like it delivered, along with your camper’s name and their cabin name and number (provided to you when you check in).
  3. Mail a letter/send a package the day before your child goes to camp. Your camper will most likely receive it on their second or third day at Berea. Make sure to write your camper’s name and mail the letter/package to Berea, 68 Berea Rd, Hebron, NH 03241-7401. 
  4. Email your child by using the “Contact a Camper” page on our website: These emails are printed first thing each morning and delivered at lunch time (so no emails are delivered on Saturday).

Are there scholarships available?

While we aim to keep the cost of camp as affordable as possible, we understand that, for some families, the cost of camp might prove to be too great of a financial burden. For this reason, we have a limited amount of campership funds available for our Discovery Camp and for Junior/Senior High Week #1.

Camperships are granted based upon financial need. To apply for a campership, please complete this form and submit it to our office by June 1.

What is FunFangle?

FunFangle is a cashless bank system that eliminates the need for campers to carry cash on them. Rather, campers can access their virtual funds at the Snack Shop, Berea Outfitters, activities, etc. simply by giving their name and scanning their uniquely programmed FunFangle wristband.

Some perks of this cashless bank system include:

  • Less time for you in the check-in line and more time for your campers to experience everything at camp without waiting in line to withdraw money at the Welcome Center.
  • The ability for you to set low balance alerts and add more funds if necessary.
  • Being able to see what your camper is enjoying at camp!
  • The potential to set limits on how much money your camper can spend on snacks (at the vending machines, Snack Shop, and Courtside Concessions).

How much money should I put into my child's FunFangle account?

All programmed activities are free of cost. However, some free-time activities have an additional cost, and the camp store (Berea Outfitters) is open for campers to buy Bibles/books and Berea merch all week. We recommend between $50 and $100 for spending money for the week.

  • Tubing/Waterskiing/Wakeboarding: Appr. $10
  • Berea Outfitters: $5-$40 for t-shirts/sweatpants/hoodies; books/Bibles/journals; jewelry, etc.
  • Crafts: $1-$5 for craft supplies
  • Snack Shop/Courtside: $1-$5 for slushies, frappes, hot dogs, fried dough, etc.
  • Paintball: $25 for a 3-hr session (all gear included); $5 for extra paint (100 ct)
    • For campers 12 and older.
    • A Paintball Release Form is necessary to play. Please read our Summer Camp Info Packet for additional information.

If your camper has more than $5 left in their FunFangle account at the end of the week, it will automatically be refunded unless you have requested for it to be donated. If your camper has less than $5 left it will automatically be donated to the Berea Campership Fund unless you have specifically requested otherwise.

How do I access my camper's FunFangle account to deposit more spending money?

We have created an account for you through FunFangle, our online camper bank platform. To create your account, please follow the link provided in the email you received from FunFangle. If you cannot find the invite email, contact us at (603) 744-6344 or and we will resend you the link.

If you are trying to log back in to an account you have already created, you can visit:

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