Women's Retreat/Man Camp Group Cabin Reservation

  • Please put the name that you will be telling group members to enter into their Cabinmate/Group Request Form in order to be housed with your group.
    *We will do our best to accommodate your request but reserve the right to switch your cabin in order to maximize the available space.
  • Please let us know of any mobility issues or other factors that may affect your group's cabin assignment so that we can best serve you and the other groups. Thank you!
  • By submitting this form, you understand that: 1) Each person who is attending must register themselves online, by mail, or by phone with the Berea office. This group cabin reservation is in no way a registration. 2) Group attendees must register by June 30th (for Women's Retreat) or Sept 30th (for Man Camp). After that point, Berea may not be able to save beds for group members any longer as they may have to offer unused space to others. 3) All group attendees must specifically name either the group leader or group/church name when registering. Berea cannot guarantee group members will be placed together without this information. 4) If the number of attendees in the group does not fill an entire cabin, Berea reserves the right to fill that cabin with other registrants as needed. The Berea office will call to inform groups of this ahead of time. 5) Registrants cannot pass their registration/payment to anyone outside of their immediate family.